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Is marketing technology part of your IT plan?

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Your marketing team works tirelessly to expand your business's reach, generate leads and ultimately create the conversions that keep your company's wheels turning. Now, with the proliferation of artificial intelligence and other marketing technologies, the role of your IT department may need to support your marketing team in doing what they do best.

So, is marketing technology part of your IT plan?

The value of MarTech

"Marketing technology brings a wealth of benefits to marketers across the globe."

Two thirds of senior marketers are heavily investing in marketing technology, either to build upon their existing stock of tools or fill a gap in their strategies.1 Surveyed marketers claim that MarTech provides the ability to:

  • Better understand customers.
  • Automate processes for reduced admin times.
  • Take a data-driven approach to marketing.
  • Remain relevant against competitors.
However, less than half of marketers feel confident in using all MarTech tools.

The importance of MarTech in NZ

"More than 80 per cent of companies having only achieved the bare basics of MarTech integration at best."

Technology is moving to the forefront of marketers' concerns in New Zealand. In fact, integration across all platforms and channel was the primary digital goal for Australian and New Zealand marketers in 2016. Meanwhile, IT managers felt that their most important goal was to improve the 360 customer experience.

Marketing teams are becoming more interested in developing efficient solutions with technology, while IT workers are focusing more on customer experience - two goals you might usually expect to see the other way around.

The way these have aligned show a need for better collaboration between marketing and technology teams to achieve mutual goals. However, integration of MarTech is still a long way off, with more than 80 per cent of companies having only achieved the bare basics of integration at best.

"Collaboration across your departments is integral to optimising marketing operations."

Closing the marketing and IT collaboration gap

In order to close the gap between marketing and IT teams, it's important to find the right people for the right roles. Digital skills are becoming more relevant than ever - and harder to come by as demand grows. A marketing technology professional can bridge relationships between your departments to optimise the use of MarTech in fulfilling marketing KPIs.

Hiring IT workers with the right skills can be difficult in today's shortage of technology talent. For connections with the best candidates available, contact us today.

1 - Squiz, State of Marketing Technology 2017
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