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How to nail a job interview in New Zealand ICT

Thursday, April 26, 2018

So, you've crafted an eye-catching CV and, with the assistance of your recruiter, been invited to an interview with a potential employer. This is your chance to make a meaningful connection and leave a lasting impression that will score you the job of your dreams.

Once you're in that room, however, you're on your own. To help prepare you, here are our top New Zealand ICT interview tips.

Research the latest tech release

If you're interviewing for a job with an established tech or ICT firm, it pays to show your knowledge not only of your area of expertise but also of their most recent developments. Research the company's most recent release ahead of your interview and familiarise yourself with how it might relate to the position you're interviewing for.

With this knowledge, you can engage the interviewer in a conversation about the product. Ask questions to demonstrate your interest and suggest respectfully what you might do to improve the product in some way. When you can show you're familiar with the company's work, it tells the interviewer that you stay abreast of your industry and have an investment in the company.

"Nailing your job interview is all about showcasing your technical and soft skills."

Be confident without being cocky

It's in your best interest to promote your abilities as much as possible, but showing arrogance may suggest that you'll be a poor culture fit."Kiwi confident" is a term coined by New Zealand Now and refers to a common attitude in many New Zealanders. Being Kiwi confident means that you're aware and proud of your strengths, without being boastful.

Demonstrate your soft skills

"Talk about yourself and your interests when you can, but don't make them the topic of the entire interview."

Soft skills are growing increasingly important as tech teams adopt agile mindsets. Your interviewer wants to know if you're equipped with the right attitude to work collaboratively - and that if someone has a problem, they can approach you for a constructive conversation to reach a solution.

Treat your interviewer as a peer - take the opportunity to talk about yourself and your interests when you can, but don't make them the topic of the entire interview. This way, you can show both professionalism and personality.

Speak to your experience

Demonstrating your technical ability is crucial to a tech or ICT interview. Your CV will state your expertise, but the interviewer will want to understand the scope of those skills.

When asked about your skills, don't simply state them - delve deeper into the "how" of what you do. This will show you have a thorough understanding of your field and problem-solving mindset.

When you work with us as a candidate, we'll walk with you every step of the way from perfecting the CV to preparing for your interview. Get in touch to talk to a recruiter today.

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