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Are You Keeping Pace With Today's Technology

Thursday, July 06, 2017

We are all aware that technology is developing at an escalating rate. The stress placed on IT contracting professionals to continually train and retrain is growing, and those who wish to keep up with the industry need to do it whilst holding down busy roles!

Over half of Australia’s CIOs are predicting a skills shortage in 2017 through 2018. On the job training is falling short, as the tools evolve faster than even well-funded training teams can keep pace with. More and more it is down to the individual to fill the knowledge gap. We are swimming against the tide. Without gaining expertise in evolving areas we will become obsolete. To move forward we need to be capable of adding real value in our roles, and to bring skills over and above those tech skills we are trying to keep pace with!

Despite this, IT is a challenging and wonderful career which can be as rewarding personally as it is exciting professionally. The fields of Big Data, Analytics, Advanced Cloud Computing, Security and even Digital Marketing are in a relative infancy, and therefore a land of opportunity for those inclined to learn.

Taking time off from your career to upskill, means digging into your savings and losing your career momentum. It may be near impossible when weighed against commitments. Developing yourself as you work is stressful, but appears to be the only viable option. We advise all IT workers to make the most of any opportunities to upskill available in your current workplace, and look out for chances to extend yourself into new projects that require new skills. As Richard Branson is often quoted, if an opportunity presents itself, say yes, and then learn how! Putting yourself in situations beyond your knowledge comfort zone will force you to rise to the challenge!

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