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920 hitting new heights across New Zealand

Thursday, June 08, 2017

Well known NZ technology recruitment brand 920, are continuing to hit new performance heights with the business now well into its second year post acquisition by Finite Group. 

Finite already had an established Auckland office when it made the purchase, projecting the combined 920/Finite NZ entity into a top 3 NZ specialist provider with a large and substantial presence in Banking and Finance, Government, Transport, Telecommunications, Commerce and the Technology sector. 

New contractor revenues have continued to grow at over 13% year on year, on the back of a busy NZ market for project delivery teams of tech specialists, buoyed by the continuing digital transformation and technology change management drive that is underpinning NZ’s continuing strong economic growth. 

ANZ Regional Manager, Sean Duffy, credits this success on several factors. “Finite have always been very customer and service delivery focused, with 920 sharing this same mind set. Ensuring that our team had access to the best tools, systems and search channels is also important and combining the businesses has considerably enhanced the NZ team’s access to good candidates.  

Finite’s well known recognition and reward culture has also resonated well, with several long standing 920 consultants qualifying for the Group’s top ‘Legends’ reward incentive program in their first year, which recognises top performers with a ‘very special trip’, including partners. This is actually NZ based this year and takes place in August. 

State of the art video conferencing was one of the first investments we made, not only opening up dialogue between our NZ teams, but facilitating much wider cross Tasman discussions to avail of best practices and thinking.  To date, this has proved invaluable with NZ punching well above its weight offering some great input and ideas. We are also having a lot of success attracting skilled Australians across the ditch and vice versa, says Duffy.”

Another investment has been the creation of a new NZ National Manager role, recently filled by respected industry leader, Dave Newick. With responsibility to continue to grow market share and expand the range of award winning services on offer, Newick has hit the ground running with several new hires already under his belt and more in the pipeline as 920 continues to expand its NZ team.  

“Having been an active player in the NZ tech recruitment sector for some time, I was instantly attracted to 920 because of its strong pedigree and tremendous client base across NZ, together with the ability to provide a wide range of talent and services based solutions to clients.”

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